Wednesday, January 02, 2013

MooTwo Color Challenge

I am hosting the MooTwo Color Challenge this month. As leader, I have created a mini kit to share. Details are in the Paint the Barn thread and a coupon code to get this for free.

Starting in Feb, I will also be hosting a beginner designer class. The first round will be free (we need test subjects).  The class will be 12 weeks with weekly assignments. The participants will be creating a mega kit together (sold by MooTwo to cover the cost of the class, some restrictions apply- mostly can't sell your part as is, but change the color, improve it, mix it around, yeah). Secret: We may select some new designers from the class. I will get back with more details, but if you are interested post in the Paint the Barn thread and I will get back with you. 

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Angela said...

Hi, I am interested in signing up for the lessons and am awaiting approval for registration