Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Landscape QP

And here is one more part of my perpetual calendar set: a landscape quickpage for the month of January (yours will have holes so you can put your own pictures). Download.
We have another snow day. I hope to be able to finish Winter Memories and get it into my stores.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Calendar: Landscape

Still putting my calendar together. I have decided to go with landscape for the rest of the year. This perpetual calendar will also be used in Oct of this year. I may make another because this one is very wintery. I used my Winter Memories kit, which I still need to add a bit to before I put it into the stores.
I have created a landscape quickpage which I will distribute sometime this week. Then I will create one more part and I am ready to print. I will be doing a scripture of the month to complete the set.
I looked in a few stores last week for a 4x6 file box to save these into and there were only 3x5, may have to search online.
Say hi so that I know that I am not doing this only for my benefit. I will try to have February's calendars out before the end of January.