Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stacked Paper Freebie!

 I actually moved on in The Studio's contest. Yea! More of the this delightful kit has been made. I had a very busy weekend and the contest demanded non-solid papers for this one, I did make a few, but only the patterned and designed ones are in this paper pack. The contest rules ask for a stacked paper to give away. So your freebie is in The Studio's contest gallery. Please make a comment in the gallery on the stacked paper page (linked above) and the paper pack page. The comments will let me know that this kit is worth making. Then please vote for me and then you will get another freebie next week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Contest Time

It is contest time at The Studio again. I have entered every year for many cycles. Most of the submission, like in past years are Autumn centered. I decided to stay away from traditional themes - Let us see where that leads. I have been watching the Girls Who Code movement and want to honor them and all the famous women in computer programming.
Please Vote - here - (must be registered at The Studio). Freebies will follow.