Friday, August 03, 2012


My pintrest page:

Just a report on a few items that I pinned:

Watermelon Water: freeze cubes of watermelon, use as ice. I really liked it. Didn't last too long in the freezer.

Bleach Pins on colored shirts: not working for me ... starting to get some lightening after the 3rd try.
Am I supposed to wash the shirts first? How long ... I left it on until it dried. Trying the spray bottle next.

brownie variation: I used mixes and put the brownie batter on the bottom, then some chocolate chip cookie dough into a muffin tin. The things crumbled trying to take them out: FAIL.

I am sitting 11 and 9 year-old boys. They think most of the stuff I saved in my crafts/activities for kids category is "borrrrrring" - they did enjoy the Popsicle stick catapults.

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