Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Tales

Moo Two Design team has put together an excellent Halloween kit and the last chance to buy it at a discounted price is this weekend. Scoop up the savings. In the meantime, a list of us have cr
eated a small (and some not so small) add-ons for this kit.
We just had so much fun with the colors and theme.
Pick up this huge kit at the Moo Two store.

In addition, we have a little story. If you jumped in here, you may want to go back to the beginning at the Moo Two Blog. The start of the story and a freebie are there too.

My part of the story:

The cry went on long and pathetic, rising and falling in pitch. It was probably some kittens, the abandoned and unwanted offspring of a family pet, discarded by a callous owner. If it was and if he opened the box, what then? He would then feel responsible for them, would have to take them home. No, better to leave them for someone else, not his problem. But the cry was echoing round the alley, echoing inside his head, there was something about it that sounded almost human. Perhaps it was a baby shut in the box, he thought, in the dark.

continue the story at Mags Graphics.

And you can pick up a bit extra over at 4shared.


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Mags said...

MANY thanks for your part of this train!
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