Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Farm News

The big news on the farm this week is the hatching of the guineas. Two of the hens were sitting on 2 nests side-by-side with tons of eggs. I heard some peeping a few days ago and Wednesday the hens were off the nest being trailed by a hoard of little peepers. Getting an accurate count was difficult or a good picture was difficult because of the high grass. Some of the little ones were also having a hard time, my guess is the younger ones. I picked up the struggling ones and the remainder of the eggs and put them under the heat lamp we had for the duck and chicken eggs. No luck with the duck or chicken but 3 more of the guinea eggs hatched, mostly the lavender (gray). The photo above is from the morning when I feed them. The most amazing part of the story is that the mothers took this batch of day old chick with legs about 1.5" long on a journey of about 300 yards from the front yard, down the length of the house and out back to the barn yard.

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