Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Star - Date Wheel

datewheelI was so excited when I received my invitation to join the designers at K*Joi Studios. Then I started sorting through my partial kits and found nothing ready to post. I started to rework my entry into Faith Sisters and the kit has taken on a life of its own - gotta find a stopping place soon and put it into my store. This morning I got the date wheel finished and wanted to share, actually wanted to find someone to test it out and give feedback. *Freebie no longer available - check out my K*Joi store for full kit *
Look for the full kit ad in a few days. To use the date wheel, open the files in order, part 1 on the bottom, then rotate to the desired position. The papers may or may not make it into the full kit.


mITSYBELLE said...

I've given you an Award, come on over and grab it :)

Lori Imel - LAImel Designs said...

Nice chatting with you today KatLen!