Thursday, August 04, 2016

Review: Big Pillow Thing

My office mates and I thought this would be fun to rest on in the middle of our office.  The first thing I notice about it is the truly vibrant color.  It comes with a small bag you can carry like a backpack along with instructions and a tent stake.  The whole thing ended up being much bigger than I expected but that is a bonus since I am a larger woman though it worked well for my skinnier co-workers as well.  It was very comfy.  The lounger itself appears well made and solid and not easily ripped but I wouldn't put it on sharp objects for sure.  I do like that it has pockets on the side for me to put my items in.  I must admit it took me a bit to get the hang of everything and make it work right.  I did struggle with figuring out how to get the right amount of air in it.  I think it may work easier outdoors as I tried it inside.  So that will be my next test.  We did use a fan to help blow it up.  Note that opening both tubes and trying to air them up at the same time makes it more difficult than needed, as I quickly found out, lol.  Someone mentioned that there are Youtube videos on how to more easily inflate this so will watch some before I try it out side.  Over all, it has been a fun product and I look forward to using it more.
I received this product for a discount  in exchange for my review.  I was not paid to give a positive review for this product.

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