Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tablet Cover

So I finally took one of my Pinterest's pins to the finish line.

I have a tablet of unusual size - 8 in (side note: for my girlie hands 8 in is too big to hold in one hand). So I have been pinning several ideas and checking out everyone's case. While I was subbing, I saw a very cool duct tape one and decided to try it.

corrugated cardboard cut to size (hint: cut at least 1/2 inch bigger or more for pen/stylus holder)
funky colored duct tape

yep: that's it.

* Cut cardboard - I cut mine slightly larger - be generous and more
* cut 2 8 inch piece of duct tape in half length wise then fold and trim
   bend in loose loop and tape to each of the 4 corners,
     testing along the way

* place a bit of duct tape through each loop and
   cut a bit to allow the loops to be free
   ie: snip the tape a little and press down in front and behind.

* tape hinge: mine turned out too tight - so again be a bit generous
   Hint: I taped the 2 sides first - do it after the corners are secured
   cover both ends with tape on all 4 corners.

* Cover the center of each side with tape

* Cover all the edges with tape.

Review and things to change:
Not bad and very sturdy for the cost of 2 rolls of decorative duct tape.
Need some kind of latch, probably duck tape and velcro
right now, I have nothing toward the screen - maybe a soft cloth taped there?
The corners are a bit hard to get the tablet in and out of ... the elastic in the store ones, velcro on one side ... hmm

Next steps:
I have a pair of shorts that are beyond repair, but have a super cute pocket ... let's see what I can do with them.
I'd like to make one that stands or one with a hand strap

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