Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Farm News

Members of my family come here for news, so I am going to try to feature some news weekly.
The dogs seem to be working out. DeDe stays with the goats and we have lost no more animals. Dexter, however, likes the front yard. The animals are getting used to them as seen in the picture above. However the llama had a scare as DeDe charged him while protecting her food dish, so is he back to being very skidish.
Several of the eggs in the homemade incubator are going bad as the hatching deadline approaches. The hatching date for the pigeons is past and we have confirmed that we probably bought 2 girls. The guienes we guessed a hatching date of this week, waiting, waiting.
We ate our second handful of peas from the garden last night. Everything else is flowering out well. We did have some damage from the storms that passed through last week. One of the branches on the tree nearest the house has broken. We did buy a chain saw at the auction, now to figure out the gas ratio, etc.
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