Sunday, January 04, 2009

Still no name!

Having a new babe (and more on the way) will help with the scrap 365 challenge (actually - I am going for weekly (don't want a book 365 pages long or to print it).
For a name, I am leaning toward Plucky. First, she had put up with a lot from the other goats and rolls with the punches. Second, I gave my sister Tiny Toons for Christmas and in the intro Plucky sings "Expect the unexpected."
Will be putting more on the Measure of Their Creation blog later today.


Amberpony Creates said...

She is even Cuter today!
She has such a Special Face!
I Bet This One Names Herself

k-joi studios said...

oh my goodness! your babies are adorable!!! I had little baby goats when I was a little girls. I remember them being everywhere. We had all kinds of farms animals. I had a little white one that was born on Christmas Even. I named her Angel. :)

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

awww way yoo cute,I'd love to work on a i know everyoen thinks me is a city kid...but i got tons of country in my heart.